El Tropico’s new casa in Canyon


Emily Merrill

El Tropico has opened a new location in Canyon, Texas.

El Tropico has opened a new set of doors in Canyon. With locations all across the Panhandle including Amarillo, Hereford and Tulia, it was time that The Buffaloes had one close by. The Mexican snack and dessert shop opened the Canyon location on Thursday, March, 25 at 2310 9th Ave.

The menu consists of a variety of refreshing and filling treats and snacks. Some personal favorite sweets are strawberries and cream with granola, agua frescas and build-your-own waffle. Honorable mention in this category goes to the mango frappe with mango and chamoy.

On the other side, there are some amazing snack options, especially for those who like things spicy. There are various nacho options, including a build-your-own option. The elote is made and served right in front of you. The pickled hot Cheetos are a great choice for anyone who is a fan of spicy and tart, like me.

All of the fruit is freshly cut and very noticeably so, along with add-ons such as lime juice freshly squeezed. Each order is made-to-order, specially made for each individual who walks in the door.

“Business has been really busy, we get really, really busy,” said Isaac Reyes, manager at El Tropico. “We get business from all around, college students, families and even little kids come in by themselves sometimes.”

It’s safe to say that Canyon was a great location for El Tropico. All of the Buffaloes can go enjoy some of their favorite foods that are hard to find in the Panhandle, such as hot Cheetos with cheese. Even staff here at The Prairie News have taken their part as El Tropico Canyon customers.

The Canyon community cannot get enough of their great foods. Wendy Bodeker, West Texas A&M Alum, expressed her favorite things on the menu.

“The strawberries and cream is my favorite because the strawberries paired with the cream is so refreshing. The oats on top add just the right texture. The corn is also amazing, it’s so creamy and full of flavor. Especially if you get Valentina in it,” Bodeker said.

The future of El Tropico in Canyon is looking to be quite successful.

“I think these are just the starting weeks and people are just seeing what we’re all about. As we move forward, it’s going to pick up from there,” Reyes said.

For more information on El Tropico in Canyon, visit the El Tropico Facebook page.