Military Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan: One week later


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After 20 years of the United States of America fighting their longest war ever, President Joe Biden withdrew all service personnel from Afghanistan on Aug. 31, 2021. The troops left behind some weapons and aircrafts, though some were destroyed prior to the departure. The Taliban had given the U.S. military an ultimatum to leave on their initial date, when talks began to rise about the extension of the departure date.

In his Troop withdrawal address,Biden stood his ground on still withdrawing the troops from Afghanistan because, he would not allow American troops to be fighting a war the Afghanistans themselves were not willing to fight. He also called the evacuation from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan an, “extraordinary success”.

“When I hear we could have, should have, continued the so-called low-grade effort in Afghanistan, at low risk to our service members, at low cost,” Biden said in his speech to the nation. “I don’t think enough people understand how much we’ve asked of the 1 percent of this country who put that uniform on.”

After a bomb explosion that led to the killing of 13 military officials, both Republicans and Democrats have had their say on the president’s handling of the evacuation from Afghanistan. Republicans opined bitterly about the actions of the White House, while the Democrats, though, supported the reasons behind the president’s actions, debunked the haphazard way the withdrawal was handled.

Jeanne Shaheen is the  Democratic Senator of New Hampshire and member of the Senate Armed Services and Foreign relations. In a statement on, she gave a response to President Biden’s address on U.S. evacuations from Kabul and on the conditions in Afghanistan.

“I’m encouraged that tens of thousands of people have been evacuated over the last 10 days, many more remain in peril and are top targets for the Taliban’s violence.” Shaheen said.

Sept. 1 saw a new Afghanistan- one without the United States military.  Human rights are at the brink of falling over, and women are about to lose even the little freedoms they had fought for over the years. There is currently a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. According to UNICEF appeal,United Nations Children’s Foundation (UNICEF) has been in the forefront of raising funds for children in Afghanistan.

This tells of the new state of Afghanistan after what seemed to be their protection was taken away- the U.S military troops.

“Around 10 million children need humanitarian assistance to survive. If current trends continue, UNICEF predicts that one million children under five in Afghanistan will suffer from severe acute malnutrition,” UNICEF said. “Around 300,000 children have been forced out of their homes.”



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