Behind the major with Emma Smith: Faith as the driving force for life


Emma Smith dancing at a Wesley party

Emma Smith, a social sciences major, focuses on her relationship with Christ as the driving force for her decisions. As a social sciences major, Smith can form her path which allows her to have the time to be active in the WT Wesley Foundation and to pursue courses she is interested in.

Smith discussed choosing social sciences as a starting point, because she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do here. After a while, Smith decided to stay in social sciences once she had time to meditate on it. Social sciences allows her to choose four main disciplines that she can focus on throughout her degree.

“I picked [social sciences] as a baseline,” Smith said. “I got onto campus, I started attending the wesley foundation, after a lot of prayer and talking with my parents, I decided to stay in social science.”

Smith mentions two out of the four disciplines she favors, although one is more desirable than the other. Despite one discipline being less interesting for Smith, she learns from it and it helps her with her relationships at the wesley foundation as she gets to learn about people. The discipline she finds the most interesting is more in tune with her likes.

“I have taken a ton of psychology courses and a ton of history classes,” Smith said. “Psychology, not my favorite thing in the world, but I really enjoy learning about people”.

Smith’s plans after graduation will be directed towards the path Christ chooses for her. Although Smith has her own interests, she does not see her path as one she must choose by herself.

“As far as future plans go, that is something I pray about a lot,” Smith said. “Ultimately, I don’t feel like it is my decision. God is going to lead me into the direction I want to go.”

Faith drives Smith into action. As a social sciences major, the mix of disciplines allows her to learn more about others through psychology and also focus on other interests while she takes part in activities with the WT Wesley Foundation. Smith is heavily involved with the WT Wesley Foundation, taking on many roles.

“I am a part of the student executive board, I am also one of the MCs and I lead a small group,” Smith said. “I lead a small group for Centennial, Founders, Jarrett and Buff. I absolutely love it, and I have really been able to make my relationship with God my own.”

Smith has a close relationship with Christ. Any further decisions she makes once she graduates will be based on where Christ leads her. Faith is a large part of Smith’s existence, and it shapes her as a person.

“I can see myself working in a church and doing something along those lines,” Smith said. “But I can see myself overseas somewhere, doing church planting or something like that.”