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Behind the major with Brynne Wright: a woman in stem


Brynne Wright is a junior working towards a bachelor of science in computer science at West Texas A&M University. Wright is from Austin and is intrigued by the field of technology.

Wright is interested in pursuing a career that can incorporate a couple of different career interests.

“I’ve always thought about going into software development and just programming,” Wright said. “But I definitely want to be involved in some sort of project management because I like working with people. So, I feel like finding a way to integrate where I can just be on the programming side, but also be working with a big group on a development project is the most ideal for me.”

Wright’s interest in the field of engineering began from the influence of family and diving into everything.

“My family was always kind of in the engineering computer science field, so that definitely got me kind of like one foot in the door,” Wright said. “But I think the second I started taking programming classes, I just realized how much I loved it and how creative it can be. So, that’s what really led me to want to pursue this career path full-time.”

One of the most unique aspects of having a career in the computer science industry is the flexibility it provides with being able to work with other people.

“I think just anytime you work with other people, it’s super beneficial to not only yourself but also to those around you,” Wright said. “I think it gives you the chance to get to know people from all different backgrounds and everyone, especially in the workforce, comes from a different education.”

Wright’s favorite part of working towards a computer science degree is the collaboration between logic and creativity.

“I think my favorite part is the way it combines, like logic, math and science with creativity and design,” Wright said. “It has such a scientific and mathematical basis, but you use that knowledge to build really fun applications and things like that. So I think I like the overlap there; being able to be creative with it.”

Athletics was one of the biggest contenders for coming to WT.

“I was actually at the University of Rhode Island, and then I transferred this past fall,” Wright said. “So volleyball definitely brought me to WT, but I also have family members that have come to WT and a bunch of my family that are still in the area, so it’s kind of like home away from home for me. WT was just a good fit all the way around.”

Going to college in a farther away state like the University of Rhode Island was intriguing to Wright so that she could experience something new and travel. Although, since coming to WT, Wright has so far had a decently smooth transition.

“Transferring has been weirder than I expected it to be just because there’s so much to like, adjust to at a new college but then there’s all the little things that are so different,” Wright said. Even just learning like Blackboard and stuff was completely different. I didn’t realize all the little details that would come with the transition, but it’s been like such a great transition because of all the people here.”

Since transferring to WT, Wright’s favorite part has been the community.

“I just think it’d be so cool how everyone’s just really engaging, caring and truly care about what they’re studying,” Wright said. “It’s just such a good community, like, students, and then as far as all throughout Canyon, like everyone’s just really helpful and really sweet and eager to get to know you.”

Around campus, Wright is on the volleyball team as an outside hitter, is involved in Fellow Christian Athletes, and is interested in working for the IT department since it pertains to her study area. Wright enjoys watching movies and enjoying time with friends outside of school, such as a relaxing movie night or entertaining game night. She also likes to do personal projects; for instance, she’s working on a website that’s a collage of photos of trips that she’s been on.

Wright believes you should get to know those around you to build new relationships.

“I think, especially when it comes to college, just don’t have any fear of what the people around you are thinking,” Wright said. “Don’t be afraid to speak up because I think some of the coolest moments and relationships are built in college from the people who turn and talk to you in class, or who are very engaged and are answering every question that the professor asks. I just always think that’s something that’s so special about college in general but especially at smaller schools because there’s not as much fear around speaking up; just get to know people and don’t be afraid to build connections.”

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Kaelin Collar
Kaelin Collar, Junior Reporter, Associate Editor-in-Chief
Hi everyone! My name is Kaelin Collar, and I'm a sophomore majoring in biology on a pre-medical track from Oregon. I've been with The Prairie News for one year and am the current Associate Editor. Although I'm not pursuing a career in journalism, The Prairie News continues to improve my interpersonal, interviewing, writing, research and leadership skills that will benefit me in my future career. My career goal is to work in the surgical field, with neurology as my specialty. Aside from academics, I love to read, hike, work, go plant shopping, spend time with friends and family and be on the water. 

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  • S

    sydni smithMar 29, 2024 at 3:21 pm

    Brynne you simply are one of the best people on earth. Not only one of my favorite volleyball players but the sweetest people ever. Proud of you friend is an understatement and oh man is WT blessed to have you 🙂

  • J

    Judy FugateFeb 29, 2024 at 12:13 pm

    Brynne is an outstanding young women. WT volleyball is pro to have her. Go Lady Buffs!

  • M

    Michelle WrightFeb 15, 2024 at 8:08 am

    College should be an experience to build relationships and your values. Making new friends and adjusting to a new environment is part of life’s education process. I’m glad you found a good place to find yourself.