Local businesses compete for a share of $500,000

The Enterprize Challenge is a competition that gives local businesses a chance to compete for a share of $500,000 to grow their business. Now in their 26th year, the competition, hosted by the WT Enterprise Center and Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (AEDC), helps businesses understand their problems and address them to better serve consumers.

During the process for the competition, business owners create a business plan, receive mentorship and business coaching, and use resources and support systems to help gain important skills for the trade.

Brian Enevoldsen, the managing director of the WT Enterprise Center, shares information about the Enterprize challenge. (Marcus Rogers)

“It’s who you meet, finding other entrepreneurs who are trying to grow and scale their company,” said Brian Enevoldsen, Managing Director of the WT Enterprise Center. “There’s a lot of empathy, regardless of the size of the business, or the industry, [that] everyone has problems and everyone struggles.”

The first step to getting started for the Enterprize Challenge is by registration, there you will need to submit a credit & background authorization. After, you will need to attend an orientation that has the initial walkthrough of the challenge. The entire process is helpful for businesses that want to expand their operations, get their foot in the door of the industry or to sharpen their skills.

“There’s no stone that we don’t turn over,” Enevoldsen said. ”We feel like every business should reevaluate their business plan and go through that really rigorous evaluation of whether they know what they’re doing or not.”

WT Enterprise Center is designed to help local people grow their businesses and offers them facilities to get their foot in the door of the community. Multiple common spaces, a kitchen, a meeting space, event facilities, and outdoor spaces help up-and-coming businesses grow.

The WT Enterprise Center, located at 2300 N Western St, sits on the north side of town to help up-and-coming businesses. (Marcus Rogers)

“We have some really great people that do that in our city council and especially the AEDC do a great job of really helping build the back end that supports all the businesses,” Enevoldsen said. “We want to see businesses win here locally.”

Amarillo is one of the best cities in the country for new residents. Success for the betterment of the community doesn’t pop-up without trial and error. Infrastructure for a better city comes after the creation of better jobs and better environments for people to thrive.

“The Enterprise Center stands to help people understand entrepreneurship,” Enevoldsen said.

The ongoing challenge lasts for the next few months and the winners of the challenge that get a slice of the $500,000 receive an award in the next year. WT has a strong investment to the local community and this center on the northside of Amarillo is here for the community.

“Seeing what I’m getting myself into, I see that [Enterprize Challenge] impacts a lot of small businesses,” said Andrew Dominguez, an intern at the WT Enterprise Center. “Since I’m still in school, it’s just like, Whoa, it’s just life changing.”

Marcus Rogers

If any business would like to apply for the next year Enterprize Challenge, they can visit here to learn more.