Behind the major with Antonella Periotti Omisolo: Finding your place in the world

Antonella Periotti Omisolo is a sophomore accounting major here at West Texas A&M University. Omisolo is from Argentina and is on the women’s golf team. She works at the ticket office, as well as a student technology specialist at the Hastings Electronic Learning Center. Omisolo is very active on the campus of WT.

Omisolo’s accounting journey began when she was in high school, and at WT she has been able to develop this passion. As an accounting major, Omisolo has an excellent attention to detail but accounting is not the only thing she enjoys.

“There’s this small misconception that you have to be good at math,” Omisolo said. “It’s not as scary as some people make it sound. I think it’s a good major. With accounting they provide you with the numbers, and [ figure out] what to with that information.”

Omisolo was scouted in Argentina by the WT Women’s golf team, and with her team she has been able to form a familial bond.

“I have a really good relationship with my friends here,” Omisolo said. “Golf is like my second family. We’ve had the opportunity to travel to Florida, we’re going to Hawaii soon. We always try to engage like a family.”

Omisolo’s interests go beyond accounting. She enjoys learning about different subjects and being well rounded in other topics.

“I like psychology, I like art, I like broadening my knowledge in different aspects and areas.” Omisolo said.

Omisolo finds herself within the ways she makes a stand in the world. She seeks to establish clear values and objectives that she wants to meet so that she is able to explore different subjects and develop herself.

“I have this belief that you have to live to make a difference,” Omisolo said. “Live your life to have objectives, and this really makes me be myself.

Omisolo talks of how campus life encourages you to talk to everyone and to make sure all students are being seen and heard. Living on campus at WT also gives you the opportunity to earn higher grade point averages, and be more satisfied with the overall college experience.

“With people around the dorms you just socialize, and living at the dorms forces you to socialize in a good way,” Omisolo said.

Omisolo has also been able to form close bonds here at WT, by spending special occasions with friends.

“Living at the dorms and my job both have been the source of my friends,” Omisolo said. “My roommate is my best friend here, but she is a really good friend of mine. I spent Christmas with her.”

Omisolo believes in finding yourself in your values, and believing in yourself. She believes that if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it.

“Don’t be scared to try something just because people say it’s hard,” Omisolo said. “ You can do it, and you can accomplish it.”