Homecoming series, head coach Hunter Hughes

Carson Bradley


Head coach Hunter Hughes has been to many homecoming games, and he reflects on bonding with previous players, getting to know them as adults, and playing the best game possible for this year’s homecoming.

What have previous homecoming’s been like?

“When I first got here six years ago, homecoming was just another game for me,” Hughes said. “As I was able to meet players and get to know them better it really took on a different meaning. I’ve got some guys that I haven’t seen in a while, so I’m looking forward to seeing them.”

Relationships are important to West Texas A&M University because we are a community of buffs who not only come here to learn but also to flourish. It is goal six out of the pioneering spirit goals of WT.

“I think that’s the real excitement about homecoming, outside of the game,” Hughes said. “I take a lot of what we do here with the football program and hopefully [teach] them skills for life, being a great husband, a great father and I want to see how that translates.”

American football is good for helping guide people through life and gain skills to use in the real world. It fosters relationship building through working with a team and a head coach so that you learn to rely on others, and others can rely on you.

Can we look forward to anything with the homecoming on Saturday?

“I am hoping that we score a lot of points,” Hughes said. “We might have some tricks up our sleeve that we haven’t shown before, but you can expect a team to play hard. You’ll see a group of guys that are growing together, that are at their peak and can perform at their best.”

Football at WT has a long history. There have been more than 44 seasons of football, and the traditions at these football games include the herdsmen who bring great energy to the football games, the spirit squad, who cheer on the team and the many different organizations on campus that come together to cheer the players on.

“I think it will be a big crowd,” Hughes said. “We’ve done some things out of the stadium that have been really good. Half-time music and third quarter music they play, I think it electrifies the crowd.”

The new stadium was officially renamed on Sept. 2, 2022 and it has been fantastic to be able to witness the new stadium in all its grandeur. It was renamed in honor of Stanley Schaeffer and Barbara Bain, whose philanthropy has allowed the stadium to exist. The stadium has 8,500 seats and includes suites and a club lounge.

“On campus, with the new stadium and the tailgating, I think it just sets a new life to this place.”

“There’s a different vibe this week, and they see the windows painted,” Hughes said. “This community embraces all West Texas A&M players. It’s a way for people to express it in the community, and it’s well received by our players.”