Homecoming Queen interview with Emily Morgan

Emily Morgan, a senior social sciences education major (grades 7-12) at West Texas A&M University won homecoming Queen 2022, representing Students Assisting in Good Endeavors (SAGE).

Morgan was influenced to join SAGE because she had family members that spoke highly of it.

“My mom and sister did [SAGE] when they went to college and they highly recommended it to me,” Morgan said. “I interviewed for it as a freshman and luckily got in.”

As a part of SAGE, Morgan has participated in multiple community events and also celebrated the accomplishments of the work done for some organizations.

“We do community service projects throughout Amarillo and Canyon,” Morgan said. “Every year we do a thing called ‘dance marathon’ where we raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network and we host a dance to celebrate how much money we raised.”

“We’ve helped out with the special olympics, with bowling,” Morgan said. “We also help with the High Plains Retreat Center a lot.”

Although SAGE is not an on-campus ministry, they give opportunities to students to learn more about Christ, and to serve the community.

“It’s faith-based so I really have a great fellowship with Christ,” Morgan said. “They are always there for me.”

“It is not an exact ministry,” Morgan said. “We have opportunities for members to meet or if you need to find a church we have someone who can help you get connected to different churches throughout the area.”

Morgan also discusses her appreciation at being crowned homecoming Queen and how eventful homecoming was for her.

“I got to watch like 10 minutes of the game,” Morgan said. “I had to change into my dress, and get ready to take pictures, but it was super exciting, especially exciting standing in front of everyone.”

Morgan thanks her supporters for voting for her and being selected as Homecoming Queen for 2022.

“Thanks for voting [for me] as homecoming Queen,” Morgan said.