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Why do students choose online learning?

According to a recent poll, over 70% of students said that they prefer online or hybrid learning.

There are many factors in deciding which classes to pick in a degree plan. Classes may be required or just for fun, online, in-person or hybrid. When deciding what courses to take, students must determine whether they want to choose face-to-face or online. Research shows more students prefer online or hybrid learning, which does not necessarily mean they want completely online classes.

Since the pandemic, a lot of coursework has moved online. Even when classes are face-to-face, some aspects of the class are still online, whether that is submitting assignments or the curriculum being uploaded online for students to access outside of class. Teachers also favor the option of hybrid learning, with 80% of faculty preferring to offer course components online for students to access at any given moment. This can be convenient for students when they want to access materials to study when not in class.

There are other factors as to why students would choose online courses. One big factor is work life.

“For students working full-time who want a degree to advance in their profession, online learning is better because it fits their needs,” Michael Crippen, an academic adviser at West Texas A&M University, said.

Some students work because they have to pay for college themselves. If a student has to work to put themselves through college, attending classes face-to-face is not ideal. Studies show that 43% of full-time students and 81% of part-time students work while enrolled in college.

Online classes also come with flexibility in location. Students can work from anywhere they have access to the Internet. Students who want to travel more can take their classes overseas with them if they choose to. They can also have flexibility in their lifestyle and shape their study habits to fit their preference. Students can complete the work at any time of day they choose as long as they submit it by the due date the teacher gives out.

Although there are many pros to online learning, there are also cons. A con that students face can be the lack of motivation to complete the online coursework. When taking face-to-face courses, students must attend a meeting place and complete materials in the classroom. When students have online classes, they can have many distractions in their day-to-day lives that can leave them feeling unmotivated to complete their classwork.

West Texas A&M offers students many online courses for many different degree options. Offering more than 40 online degree programs, WT has many options for those students who want to receive education online. According to a WT press release by Chip Chandler, “West Texas A&M University’s online bachelor’s program ranked No. 45 in the nation and No. 3 in Texas, according to newly released 2024 rankings from U.S. News & World Report.”

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Carlie Rutledge, Multimedia Reporter
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