WT nationally recognized

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Colleges everywhere strive to be the best, and this year U.S News and World Report recognized West Texas A&M’s online business graduate program as one of the best. WT was ranked 56 out of around 200 schools for its online graduate program. The list was composed of approximately 900 schools. Then by validation from peer schools, they identified 200 of those schools, with WTAMU being number 56.

“It’s an external validation that what we are doing is respected by our peers, and outside the school,” Lavelle Mills, associate dean of Graduate Programs, said. “With this recognition, it not only gives value to the students, but value to the employers who ultimately hire our graduates.”

WTAMU was also recognized as the fourth regional university in the West.

“I think this will instantly give us visibility and credibility like never before,” Dr. Nicholas Gerlich, Hickman Professor of Marketing, said.

According to the U.S News and World Report’s website, a big factor in why the online program is ranked so well was that many of the classes are recorded and posted online so that students can watch them anytime at their own convenience.

“We want to see our M.B.A. program grow, and by ranking so high it puts us to higher standing among other schools,” Gerlich said.

“I am so proud to be a student at this university, with the caliber of the professors and students here,” Virginia Moderow, graduate student enrolled in the M.B.A. program, said. “When my resume is reviewed by a prospective employer, I know that he will also know I received my degree from the highest institution possible.”

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WT nationally recognized