WT Nursing achieves success

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The College of Nursing and Health Sciences at WTAMU has recently made headway in the National Council Licensure Examinations. NCLEX is a test that determines whether or not a nursing student gets to be a licensed nurse. This past testing period from Oct. 2010 to Sept. 2012 increased to a 95.95 percent success rate, a first for nursing baccalaureate graduates at WT.

Dr. Helen Reyes, the Department Head of Nursing at WT, praised the staff and students of the department for the increase.

“I am very pleased with the faculty and staff in the Department of Nursing for implementing a number of changes to the program which have collectively contributed to the outstanding NCLEX results,” Reyes said. “I could not be more proud of the nursing students. Due to their dedication, diligence, preparation and long hours they have performed well in their classes, in their clinicals and the NCLEX results proved it.”

For freshman Nursing major Sidney Morgan, preparations for the NCLEX exam will be steady and diligent.

“I will study really hard and take it one day at a time,” Morgan said.
Other students suggested preparations for an examination like the NCLEX begin with organization and dedication.

“I would make my study plans for a whole month,” Misael Tambuwum, freshman Music Composition major, said. “I have to be organized as well as make a commitment to my study schedule.”

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WT Nursing achieves success