WT offers five week class

Laci McGee

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Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

History 1301 and 1302 courses are now being offered by continuing education at WTAMU. These courses are five weeks long each and are taught at an accelerated pace. The History 1301 course, however, was canceled due to lack of registered students for the course. If the History 1302 course has a minimum of five people registered for it, then it will begin on March 18 after spring break.

Each of these courses costs $595 and are taught during the regular semester, but they are not geared toward students already enrolled and taking class at WT. Dr. Jean Stuntz, associate professor of History, is teaching these courses.

“[We are] trying to reach out to people not already enrolled as students,” Stuntz said.
Lower level classes are most likely all that will be offered though the accelerated program with Continuing Education, at least as far as History courses go, according to Stuntz. In upper level courses, there is too much reading required for these accelerated courses.

“I think these courses are fast, vigorous approaches to the topic and attract those students unsure if they’re prepared to enroll full-time for the next two to four years,” Shae Crawford, senior English major, said.

Andrea Porter, director for Continuing Education, is hoping the Continuing Education program will grow to include students from other campuses in the A&M system. These courses are taken on extension credit, which means the courses do not have to follow the WTAMU semester.

“Continuing Education is about distance learning,” Porter said.

Continuing Education is hoping to offer more accelerated courses like History 1301 and 1302. What courses should be offered is being researched by Associate Professor of the Department of Communication Dr. Kristina Drumheller.

Continuing Education also offers Education on Demand, which are courses that are taken at a student’s own pace.

“[Being] flexible on time makes a world of difference,” Porter said.

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WT offers five week class