Students adjust to new class schedule

Phoebe Sinclair

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Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

The spring of 2013 marks the beginning of WTAMU’s new class schedule, which includes shortened classes on Monday and Wednesday and adds class time on Fridays.

“Before this semester I had not had classes on Fridays, but now since the new schedule started up I have multiple classes during that day,” junior Business Education Major Chance Autry said. “I used to be able to go home on the weekends or use that free time to study.”

According to junior Sociology major Danny Taylor, WT’s reason behind the schedule is due, in part, to funding issues.

“The school was looking for new ways to receive funding,” Taylor said. “By having the classrooms full more days of the week they could show that we need more classroom space. Students being able to get their classes in before lunchtime would be able to take more classes. More funding means a more variety of classes that students are able to take. That is one thing that frustrates me the most, when classes fill up too quickly and you aren’t able to take the class you need to take. ”

Advantages and disadvantages of the new schedule have students taking both sides of the issue.

“I prefer having Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes because I like being able to spend the afternoon studying and working,” freshman Music Composition major Misael Tambuwun said. “Also, I enjoy getting a little extra time in class to meet with my teachers.”
For freshman English major Yvette Lujano, the new class schedule conflicts with her work schedule.

“One of the big downsides of Friday classes is how it conflicts with work schedules,” Lujano said. “I didn’t have to worry about working and taking classes until this semester. Now I have to plan it around when my classes will be.”

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Students adjust to new class schedule