Student Government increases outreach

Sign encoraging students to participate in elections.
Sign encoraging students to participate in elections.

As the student government legislative season begins, student officials have made it clear that a primary goal this semester is to have more direct contact with the general student body.

The government is focusing on taking an active role both through recruiting for the Senate and by working with the CORE office to put on events for the student population.

Student Body President and senior finance major Leif Knippers says a main concentration this semester will be student engagement.

“We’re really working on getting all organizations involved,” Knippers said.

Vice President and graduate English major Amanda Kraemer said their direct tactics are already seeing results. The season is opening with 24 freshmen Senate seat vacancies. During the summer, Kraemer said that more than 90 freshmen showed interest in involvement in the student legislative process, although not all are running for seats.

“This year, we have more freshmen running [for Senate membership] than seats,” said Kraemer. “That’s the first time in a long time.”

The student population has also noticed more direct government participation. In his capacity as a resident assistant, sophomore Computer Science major Stephen Enriquez said there is a contrast between last semester and the current one.

“A lot of the officials are getting more and more involved in student activities,” said Enriquez, “because sometimes they forget what it’s like for college students.”

Knippers remains optimistic about the immediate future of the government.

“There are going to be things that arise throughout the semester,” he said. “We’re all excited about this year.”

The Student Senate meets weekly on Mondays at 4:30 p.m. in the JBK Senate Chamber.