WT’s Got Talent


Chase Mardis, Reporter

On Wednesday night, WTAMU held its WT’s Got Talent at 7:00 p.m. in the VHAC ballroom. The turnout was more than expected and more chairs had to be filled as the competition was going along. With acts varying from acting to beatboxing with a harmonica and singing Katy Perry, there no telling on what was going to come up next “This was the first time I have ever been to anything like this and it wasn’t even on purpose, I was walking by after playing basketball when I heard people laughing so my curiosity got the best of me,” Tyler Walker, sophomore sports and exercise major, said”.

As the audience came into the ballroom they were handed tickets for the door prizes throughout the night. The host would then call out the winning ticket numbers at random in-between acts “I think the door prizes were actually a good idea. It brought some more people to the event and it kept the audience interested while they were switching out sets. I was kind of surprised when they called out my number for the buff cash and now I guess I have more money to spend on chick-fil-a for a while,” Daelin Younge, sophomore criminal justice major, said”.

Everyone who participated in the talent show had a great time while they were on stage. The audience was into as well as other performers “I came here to see my friend Elijah play guitar. When he first came to Canyon from Hawaii, students were  amazed on how good he really was. Every chance that comes his way, he would be playing guitar so it will be good to see the other people’s reaction when he starts playing,” Tanner Barnett, sophomore sports and exercise science major, said”.

The night was an overall success for everyone who came and supported.rsz__dsc0018 rsz__dsc0049 rsz__dsc0219 rsz__dsc0264