How To Solve Time Management Problems


Gissel Olivas, Reporter

College can make timing and planning things out very hard to do sometimes. So, here is a list that will hopefully be able to help you out the next time you need to make room for something or even clear up your schedule.

  1. Take all your classes back to back so you don’t have huge blocks of time where you end up doing nothing while waiting for your next class.
  2. Go to class. You learn faster and easier. This just means you know it so you don’t have to study as much when that test comes.
  3. Find out what time is the best for you to study. Some like to study at 7 a.m. and others at 7 p.m., but just remember to get enough sleep.
  4. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Everyone does it, especially in college but try to get your work done on time. It’s a stress reliever not worrying.
  5. Divide and conquer things like projects or big papers. Do small parts of the assignment at a time then put it all together when each is done.
  6. Don’t extend your breaks. There are things like Christmas break and spring break for a reason. Get back to work and finish faster!
  7. Make checklists for pretty much anything and everything so you can stay organized. It gives you a sense of accomplishment checking it off.
  8. Prioritize. Do you really need to go to that party when you have tons of work? Think about what is really the most important to do first.
  9. Make sure your schedule is flexible. You never know what can happen so be ready for the unexpected. Have backup plans for everything.
  10. We may not associate it with managing time but stay healthy. Eating and sleeping right gives you energy for the day to get things done.
  11. Work hard. Play hard. Make some time for relaxation and fun when you’ve completed what you needed to. Think of it as a small reward.
  12. Try new ways of doing things because you may find that something works better than what you have been doing.