Buff football team prepare for last season in Kimbrough


Austin Heinen

West Texas A&M will be in Kimbrough Memorial Stadium for the final time in the 2018 season prior to moving to the new on-campus Buffalo Stadium in 2019.

Lorenzo Barnett, Contributor

With this being the final year in Kimbrough Memorial Stadium, it is a big year for WT football. Built in 1959 and initially called the Buffalo Bowl, the Buffs now prepare for the final chapter in the historic stadium which was named after former coach and athletic director Frank Kimbrough.

Kimbrough has lived through many eras of WT football. Therefore, it has seen lots of faces come and go in terms of players to coaches. Head coach Hunter Hughes has recently thought about the past and recognizing some of those people responsible for those memories.

“The plan is to recognize each and every era,” Hughes said. “The first era would be with Coach Carthel, Coach Nesbitt, and then myself to represent that game. Then we’ll represent about two to three coaches at a time. As well as Try to bring players back for a reunion or anything they’d like to have.”

With a big season coming up in Kimbrough, players are definitely looking to go out with one of their best seasons yet. Due to the amount of community support it could possibly lead to a winning record in Kimbrough. Upcoming junior cornerback Kevon Thomas has a positive outlook on the final year of being in Kimbrough in terms of support.

“The community and fans love Kimbrough as much as we do,” Thomas said. “So, we don’t have too but we want our last year in Kimbrough to be remembered as one of the best seasons played there and go out with a bang.”

Not only is this the last year in Kimbrough, but this is the final year for multiple players. Some of the players have made many memories that will last forever. While others have mixed emotions on the final season in Kimbrough and their senior year, one of these players is senior corner back Keith Blank.

“I have mixed emotions, part of me wants to have a good time with it being my final year of college ball,” Blank said. “The other part of me wants to take it as serious as possible, and win, go out with a bang. I think the good time will come with the winning though.”

Kimbrough has not surpassed its record setting numbers in attendance in quite a while, holding a capacity of 20,000 people. However, on October 13, 2007, 23,276 fans attended WT’s homecoming game. It is possible a similar number of fans could show up in attendance knowing its WT football’s last year playing in Kimbrough.

“I think it all depends on the team, fans are going to support winners,” Hughes said.  “And we could have record numbers there depending on how the team plays.”