WTAMU English major to be published internationally


Tova Kibal

Junior English major Aaron Akins will have his essay published in the Spring 2019 edition of the Sigma Tau Delta Review.

Allegra Mora, Senior Reporter

Writing is used to tell a story and influence an audience. The art of writing expresses views of the past and the present and finds an understanding and correlation of yesterday and today’s society. 

Junior Aaron Akins will have an essay published in the Sigma Tau Delta review. The essay titled, “The Death of Performative: Language and Action in ‘Richard II’ and ‘Henry IV’” will come out spring 2019. 

The essay examines the politics and language of two Shakespeare plays. The essay also examines aspects of the Speech Act Theory. Akins wrote the essay for ENGL*4352

 “As I worked on it over the semester, I realized that I was really passionate about the topic,” Akins said. 

Akins joined Sigma Tau Delta last fall. As a member of Sigma Tau Delta, Akins helps with community services events such as book donations and community events.

“It’s good to be part of something going on around the country,” Akins said.

Akins was born and raised in Amarillo. As an English major, Akins has always had a passion for writing. 

“I’ve always really liked writing, even when I was growing up,” Akins said. 

Akins wants to become a professor. He graduates next fall and plans on applying for graduate school and move to the East Coast. Akins has also been married to Ashley Akins for just over a year now.

“She gives me the confidence to do stuff like that.” Akins said.

Ashley Akins is a preschool teacher. She proofreads his papers and gives tips on how to make it more comprehensible. 

“I give him tips on how to make it more readable to layman,” Akins said. “It gives an outside perspective other than that what the professors are saying.”

Ashley Akins is just one among many who help and support Akins. 

Dr. Eric Meljac, associate professor of English, is a co-sponsor for the Chi Theta chapter of Sigma Tau Delta. Meljac explained they were setting up for an event when Akins casually mentioned his essay was selected to be published.

“It was a total surprise to me,” Meljac said, “he didn’t tell me, he just kept it a secret.”

Meljac said Akins is honorable and modest. He likes to keep to himself. Meljac said it is no small feat for an essay to be published internationally, especially as an undergraduate student. Meljac also explained the process of being published for a review.

“First it goes in for revisions,” Meljac said, “then it’s put on a kind of waiting list.”

Sigma Tau Delta is an international English honor society. The WTAMU chapter, Chi Theta, currently has eight members and will be inducting 10 more this November. Sigma Tau Delta not only helps students get published, they also offer other opportunities such as scholarships and internships. 

“We’re a very small organization,” Meljac said. “It just goes to show our students are really good and they’re rising to the challenge.”

Meljac said on behalf of the faculty, they are very proud of the work he’s [Akins] done. He is just one of many students receiving accolades in the English department. 

“We’re doing something on the third floor of the Classroom Center,” Meljac said. “Aaron gave us that kick to keep on moving forward.”