WTAMU fall short at Wagon Wheel


Photo Courtesy of Emilio Sanchez

The Buffs played their final Wagon Wheel game in Kimbrough Memorial Stadium.

Alyssa Gonzales, Former Editor-in-Chief

The Buffs battled and fell to the Eastern New Mexico Greyhounds 28-0 at the annual Wagon Wheel game on Oct. 20. This game has proven to be a lasting tradition within the rivalry of WTAMU and ENMU and this year marked the 31st edition of the game. The game also proved to have significance as it was the last Wagon Wheel face-off to be played at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium. 

  “We just felt like we were playing for something bigger than the team.” redshirt junior Kevon Thomas said. “Going into it, we wanted to play real hard because we wanted to bring the Wagon Wheel back for all the fans who have been there before and all the players who’ve played in the past”.

  Despite the Buffs coming up short, the team continued to fight throughout the entirety of the game and did not give up despite the competition. 

    “We always tell each other ‘you got 24 hours to feel sad for yourself’ then it’s on to the next one,” said redshirt senior Michael Whitfield. “We got all the bad things out of the way and went back to work. That’s just the culture of it, you’ve just got to keep pushing forward.” 

 The Greyhounds started out strong with a 13-yard rushing touchdown made by Jeremiah Burke. After another 5-yard run by the Greyhounds, the Buffs were down 14-0 at the end of the first quarter. 

  The Buffs were put in field goal range with the help of Duke Carter IV. However, the kick was wide right. Lance Hyder was able to recover a ball knocked loose by Christopher Thomas. ENMU would score again with 2:11 remaining in the second quarter, leading the the Buffs 21-0 at the end of the second half. 

  WTAMU had an  drive going into the second half but were forced to punt after they were unable to convert on a third down. The Buffs would get into Greyhound territory after Frank Honang managed to gets his hands on ENMU’s punt. 

 Eastern New Mexico sealed their win with a 13-yd touchdown with 7:17 remaining in the fourth quarter, shutting out the Buffs and retaining the Wagon Wheel. 

 The Buffs went on the play three more games and end their season with a record of 6-5.