One last win to say goodbye to Kimbrough Memorial Stadium


Alyssa Gonzales

The Buffs sealed their victory with a 35-31 win over the TAMU-Kingsville Javelinas.

Alyssa Gonzales, Former Editor-in-Chief

  The West Texas A&M Buffaloes brought home the victory for the last time with an epic win at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium on Nov. 3, against the Texas A&M Kingsville Javelinas. 

  “To have a stadium that’s been around and has housed the team for almost 60 years, almost six decades…anything like that, any type of structure has so many memories,” said Athletic Communications Graduate Assistant, James Hadnot. 

 Hadnot, along with WTAMU alumni, former players, and head football coach Hunter Hughes were members of the Farewell to Kimbrough Committee. In this committee, the members were responsible for gathering players of the past and creating an atmosphere that would signify a proper goodbye to the stadium. 

 “It’s what we talk about all week, we wanted to end Kimbrough with a bang,” said redshirt junior, Kevon Thomas. “We wanted to be a part of history.” 

   The night also proved to be special as it was senior night for the players on the team. Before the game began, current seniors were escorted by family members and friends.

  “I couldn’t have written it  any better the way it ended.” redshirt senior Michael Whitfield said.  “At the end it was hard to contain my emotions.”

  In an exhilarating match up against the Javelinas, the Buffs started off strong with scoring a 58-yard touchdown in the opening drive. The Javelinas would put number on the board with a 20-yard field goal. 

  The Javelinas would score another field goal that would have them trailing by one point. Redshirt junior, Kevon Thomas, would have an impressive break up on a pass play. Freshman, Marshawn Brown would help put the Buffs ahead with a 65-yard touchdown. At the end of the half, the Javelinas would catch up to the Buffs with a 8-yard touchdown and a 2 point conversion. 

  With the start of the second half, TAMU Kingsville would take the lead after completing a 27-yard field goal. The Javelinas would strengthen their lead after another 3-yard touchdown. WTAMU would heighten their score after a 78-yard pass was complete to junior, Semaj Mitchell with 2:58 remaining in the third quarter. The Buffs would roll on with a 7-yard run, putting WTAMU in the lead.

  The Javelinas would score early in the fourth with a 25-yard touchdown that would once again put them in the lead. However, the Buffs would gain momentum after an interception by Kevon Thomas. The Buffs would end the night with a 78-yard touchdown, leading them to a 35-31 victory against the Javelinas. 

  Initially named the Buffalo Bowl, Kimbrough has served as the home turf for the Buffs since 1959. The name was changed in 1971 to honor the late Frank Kimbrough, a well beloved and respected football coach and athletic director. The new Buffalo Stadium will open a new chapter for WTAMU football and is set to ready by the 2019 football season. 

  “It’s a storybook type of thing, you want to have a good ending,” said Hadnot. “To see everyone really come together as a team was really big.”