COMM Week 2019 Game Show

Savannah Wesley, Features Editor

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  • Photo by Savannah Wesley/the Prairie Jay Mudge, digital media and communications major organized and lead the Game Show.

  • Photo by Savannah Wesley/the Prairie Events in the Game Show included Disney movie trivia.

  • Photo by Savannah Wesley/the Prairie The lip reading game Hearing Things was popular with the students.

  • Photo by Savannah Wesley/the Prairie Students would partner up with one wearing noise cancelling headphones and try to guess the phrase their partner was saying.

  • Photo by Savannah Wesley/the Prairie Most teams were composed of friends who knew each other well and excelled at the event.

  • Photo by Savannah Wesley/the Prairie Chase Brady, digital media and communications major, participated in a rather precarious event called Blindfolded Musical Chairs.

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2019 Communication Week was kicked off by the annual Game Show. This year is themed “COMM Factor” where students can “imagine a world where their greatest hopes become reality.” Students competed in various tasks such as the game “Hearing Things” where students wore headphones that prevented them from hearing their partner who would read a phrase out loud and the partner wearing the headphones would attempt to guess the phrase by reading their lips. Competitors also participated in Blindfolded Musical Chairs where students played musical chairs blindfolded and attempted to sit in chairs that were moved all across the stage while being wary of falling off stage. Lastly, all students present participated in a trivia game that asked questions about various Disney movies. #2019COMMWeek

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