What’s The Word WT? Spring Break

Hannah Nelson and Emilio Sanchez

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  • “Over spring break, I am actually going to go home and work with my family. Might work at the feed lot,” Grace Small, sophomore agriculture media and communication major.

  • “I am trying to get some money, I will still be here working for two days. Once Wednesday hits I am going back home to see my family,” Roberto Roque, sophomore mechanical engineering major.

  • “I am actually going to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to judge on the livestock judging team for WT,” Hadley White, sophomore agriculture media and communication major.

  • “I am going home during the week, but for the first two days I am going to be working at Kids College,” Isabel Pena, sophomore biology/pre-vet major.

  • “Probably studying, writing papers, pretty much the worst,” Kassandra Pisciotta, senior psychology major.

  • We are going to go camping in the Caprock Canyon for the first few days then I am going to go home and see my family,” Kylie Scott, sophomore plant, soil & environmental science major.

  • “I am actually getting my wisdom teeth removed over spring break,” Laura Newman, freshman animal science pre-vet major.

  • “Over my spring break it is my mom’s birthday so we are going to celebrate her birthday…After that I think I am going camping and then after that towards the end of spring break I am going to go visit a church in Dallas,” Rachel Waren, sophomore pre-nursing major.

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