WT Students and Community Give Back on Annual Day of Caring


Jeffrey Williams, Senior Reporter

United Way’s annual Day of Caring took place Friday, April 12. This yearly event gives the community a chance to give back and put in the time to help benefit those that live in Canyon. The event occurs in both Canyon and Amarillo around or on Earth Day.

Every year, participants submit projects that they wish to adopt or have adopted during the Day of Caring. Groups meet on the morning of the event and then go out to their projects. This year, the event had around 30 projects with over 300 participants, Canyon and Amarillo included.

Marketing and communication director for the local United Way Honnah Taylor said, “Every year we grow. We hope to gain five or seven projects each year.”

United Way oversees the event, but the projects are submitted by citizens, local organizations, and recurring members. United Way works with the National Project Management Institute to assist in maintaining the projects. Xcel Energy is one of the lead sponsors that operate during the event, but other organizations such as Pantex, KAMR, Fox 14, and both city ordinances are involved.

The Canyon Police Department was able to send officers this year to participate during the event. Both cities of Canyon and Amarillo send representatives from different departments to participate each year.

Capt. Ray Resendez was one of the said participants. His group assisted with small renovations to the Canyon Senior Center. Around ten officers including Resendez were apart of the event.

Some of the local organizations that helped the group include Canyon Glass, Ace Hardware, Johnson’s Hardware, Dewald Construction, and Donnie King Canyon Rentals. “We couldn’t do it without the support of those different local organizations,” Resendez said.

“We get the chance to team up with WT students,” said Resendes. Some students went out to Camp Don Harrington to work on letrines, which is “very hard, and gross work” according to Resendez.

Also among the group was Buff graduate Emily Resendez. “This was my 3rd year participating,” said Ms. Resendez, “I’ve enjoyed it every year so I continue to do it every year.” When asked how she heard of the event, Resendez said, “My father and I work for the City of Canyon, and he is also involved with United Way, so he asked me to join him.”

The experience seems to be a great was for familial bonding, as many participants are families. “I will continue to help with the Day of Caring every year and always look forward to it,” Resendez said.

The event allows the community to give back to others and assist those in “You never know what’s needed in the community,” Resendez said, “it’s awesome to see that a big group of people you may now know well can all work together and knock out tasks in one day for those in need.” Resendez continues, “I’ve learned how to do things I’ve never thought I would do and of course it’s a great feeling to do good in my own community.”