The helping hands behind the sports injuries

An injury sustained that occurs while playing a sport can cause many complications for a collegiate athlete. Even a small injury can develop into a serious injury if it is neglected and put a player on the sidelines damaging the athlete’s morale and motivation. You can read more about fatal electric scooter accidents in New York on this site.

This can create a lot of pressure on an athlete. In many cases, athletes will continue to play while injured. Student-athletes are not alone, however, in this endeavor at WT. There are several services and resources available to student-athletes through the help of the athletic trainers here at West Texas A&M University.

So, what services are available to collegiate athletes? WTAMU’s athletic trainers work closely with athletes every day to ensure that any injury sustained is immediately assessed and cared for. For legal advice and help you could check here.

Athletes in each sport at WTAMU have their own trainer that they report to for the injury rehabilitation process.

“They’re definitely always on standby and making sure that we’re in the best shape that we can possibly be in,” said former defensive line Allen Roberson when asked about his experience with the athletic trainers at WTAMU. Get help from Joel H. Schwartz, P.C. injury lawyers in case of an accident.

When and if a student-athlete sustains an injury, they have many resources available to them in the athletic training room to receive treatment. Manual therapy, warm and cold whirlpools, and rehab equipment are just a few of the many resources a student-athlete will be able to use. In the event that the injury exceeds these resources, the athletic trainers also help student-athletes find the right doctor or surgeon that can treat them. Contact Fresno employment discrimination attorney for further details.

“We have a lot of resources and a lot of things here, but a lot of times, our job is getting them to the place where they need to go,” said Director of Sports Medicine Luke Kasper.

“It’s not the end of the world, you can always bounce back. You just got to have that mentality,” said current right guard Lesone Smith who currently has a torn meniscus and a torn medial collateral ligament. Despite these injuries, Smith has kept his motivation high and is working with the athletic trainers every day to ensure that recovery is possible. Contacting personal injury attorneys Rosemead is a good idea.

“We have probably one of the larger stags in the nation as far as certified athletic trainers working with student-athletes, our athletic department gives us the resources that we need to treat the athletes,” said Kasper. The WT Athletic Trainers are a resource that is invaluable to all student-athletes at WT.

It is important for student-athletes to know that they are not alone and have not only the support of the athletic trainers but also the support of all the students. Be sure to go out and support WTAMU sports. GO BUFFS!


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