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Buffs explain why they are looking forward to the upcoming softball, baseball, and basketball seasons

Reagan Riddle

The students at West Texas A&M University and Buff fans have a lot of sporting events to look forward to in the upcoming months. With football season winding down, students still have many athletic events to look forward to, such as WT basketball, softball, baseball, track and others. 

Caden McMurtrey, a junior general business major, is looking forward to the upcoming softball and baseball seasons. McMurtrey played baseball in high school, which is a big reason why he enjoys going out to support the players.

“I’m looking forward to softball and baseball. I played those sports in high school, and so I enjoy watching the teams,” McMurtrey said.

Christian Guerrero, a graduate student in the instructional design and technology program, is also looking forward to the upcoming softball season as well as men’s basketball. 

“The sports I’m most excited about is softball and men’s basketball,” Guerrero said. “With men’s basketball, we were looking really solid in the playoffs last year and I’m excited the level of competition we are going to face. With softball, our season got cut short last year in the playoffs, but we’re looking to bounce back and I think we’re looking pretty good this year.” 

Guerrero said that he supports the Buffs by going to WT games. 

“I attend most WT games, and I try to attend all men and women’s home games,” Guerrero said.

Themed events and prizes are things Guerrero thinks would help student attendance at WT athletic events. 

“Having more fun-themed nights put on by the student body, WT athletics really does a good job theming up the nights,” Guerrero said. “I think some more themes and maybe more incentives to go, some giveaways too. I think that would get a lot more students to attend.” 

Having themed events is something that McMurtrey also felt would encourage him to go out to support the Buffs at the WT games that he doesn’t usually attend. 

“I would have to say having themed events if they did it more often, I might be able to convince myself to go,” McMurtrey said.

McMurtrey said that having students attend WT games would help build a connection amongst them that would persuade more students to go to athletic events. 

“I feel like a good community could be built around sports here at WT, and the stronger that is, the more inclined other students are to come to WT,” McMurtrey said.  

Guerrero also thinks it’s important for students to go to games and build a community by attending. 

“It’s a fun atmosphere and a lot of students need to cheer on their fellow classmates that are student-athletes, and it’s what makes WT so special is the close-knit community that we got,” Guerrero said.

Students can check out WT athletics to see the different sports and their schedules. Many games will have themed events, prizes, and fan participation activities that are planned for students and Buff fans to enjoy while attending the games. 

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Reagan Riddle
Reagan Riddle, Former Multimedia Reporter
Hi, my name is Reagan Riddle and I’m a senior with a major of Digital Media Communication here at WT. I’m from Plainview, Texas, and I cover all things WT sports here at the Prairie News. I’ve been with Prairie News since August, 2023 and have enjoyed being able to write sports stories that showcase the WT community. My future career plans are to work in the television and movie industry both in front of the camera and behind the camera.

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