Alumni share sacred moment at Joseph A. Hill Memorial Chapel

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Alumni share sacred moment at Joseph A. Hill Memorial Chapel

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  West Texas A&M is home to Texas’ only privately funded chapel located on state university property, which was formerly known as the Joseph A. Hill Memorial Chapel. Later becoming known on campus simply as “The Chapel”.  The Chapel was built in the summer of 1950, and forever changed not only the physical makeup, but the culture of WT by allowing students to get married in “The Chapel”, and cement their love into the history of the university forever.

 The chapel has had many weddings since it’s opening, including the marriage of Gilbert and Amy Antunez in April of 2004. Amy and her husband explain their decision to get married on campus.

“We wanted to be a part of the history of the chapel and WT.” Amy said. “ We were going to be one of the first couples in the newly renovated chapel in 2004.

The idea of being a part of something within the history of WT is not a new concept according to current student freshman, Juilet Valdez who majors in EC-6 ESL education. 

I believe it is a beautiful moment to share between two lovers and the WTAMU community along with the canyon community,” Valdez said. “The chapel is also beautiful and allows alumni to still share a part of the community with themselves on a personal level.” 

Gilbert Antunez agrees with this idea about the importance of The Chapel in the community.

We are proud to be one of the early couples that hosted their wedding at the chapel,” Gilbert said. “If other people are looking for a special place in Canyon for a wedding, I highly recommend to not overlook the Chapel on campus.”  

While college is a place for students to find themselves and become full-fledged adults, through that quest of self discovery some end up finding the person they will spend the rest of their lives with as well, this was the case with Amy and Gilbert. 

We met a WT event on campus by chance. Funny thing was, we both ran with friends in the same circle,” Gilbert said. “…but it was not until that night we met for the first time.” 

 “…She[her sister]  introduced me to my soon to be husband and we talked all night. We found out that we both liked the 49er’s which made the connection even better.“ Amy adds. 

 At first glance The Chapel seems no more than just a place for religious studies, The Chapel is more than that, The Chapel is a monument on the campus of WT, and holds a momentous spot in the couples’ hearts who have been married within its’ red sandstone walls.  

“We chose a neutral location to celebrate our future marriage under the eyes of God; and it was our unique location to start our new life together.”  Gilbert said. “We wanted to signify the importance our time and chance meeting at the university.”


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