Math center has the ultimate resources

Rafael Flores, Senior Reporter

Photo by Rafael Flores                                                                                  Sophomore Math tutor, Hector Rivero-Figueroa, guides forensics psychology major, Alyson Wiseman in troubleshooting math problem.


Math is not the most exhilarating subject taught at a secondary education institution, but it’s one obstacle that every college major has to go through in order to pursue their degree. 

Luckily for the students at West Texas A&M University, the Math Center offers resources for students  from cheap and affordable sources to succeed in their math classes. Students can look up myTEFL reviews to find information of such courses. They come handy in several situations and help better the knowledge of students. 

 Taren Wells’ favorite resource to use is the one-on-one tutoring located on the first floor of the Student Success Center. “There’s usually more experienced people that can help you if you don’t know what you’re doing ,” said Wells, freshman civil engineering major. Without them, she says wouldn’t know what she was doing.

Another resource for students is located on the 4th floor of Student Success Center, which is where students can sit in an open environment and raise their hand if they need help. Hector Rivero-Figueroa, a math tutor and sophomore business management major, has seen the significant effects of how the math lab has helped people who use it. “I’ve been told by someone that they started off not coming up and making 60s and 70s on tests, coming in here regularly has put to them up to high B’s and A’s,” he said. 

In addition to helping others, Rivero-Figueora finds passion in his role as a math tutor. “I really enjoy the math and it really hones in my math skills, as well as it allows me to help others,” he said.

Kim Seward, director of the math center, says that the tutors are mostly there to guide students through every step they can’t get through. Seward also says the main benefit of the math lab gets the students to think about the problems instead of  just giving them the answer. “It just gives them a safe place or a nice learning environment for them to work on it. And so for some, that’s why they like coming in,” she said.  

Another service provided to students is being able to checkout textbooks and calculators. “I think that’s a big help for most students who either can’t afford a book or may only need to book for a semester just for one course and it’s not worth their money to buy,” Rivero-Figueora said.  

At the end of the day, Seward looks at her work at the math center as a way to develop her employees’ skills beyond the reach of math. “I do try to mentor them in terms of teaching them things like professionalism– through this job they can be successful not just in their school, but then when they go out into the real world,” she said. 

Resources also extend to the internet at the virtual math lab, which can be accessed here: This page is for students who need help in College Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Beginning Algebra, Math for the Sciences, or preparing for the math part of the general GRE, THEA or ACCUPLACER tests. 

For more information about the tutoring services offered at WTAMU, go to