History Professor has not seen her office in months

Ceasar Escalante/The Prairie News
Accessibility issues here on campus is something that needs to be brought to light

It is the little things that often get overlooked. Walking freely to and from class, being able to get inside of a building, the feeling of having a place to park and many more examples one may not think about in the rat race that is life and us, the individuals in this race that must be faced every day.

 “It’s arthritis. Something that affects a whole lot of people and it means I can’t walk very far. I just I can’t walk. That’s my disability. So, it makes it very difficult for me to get into buildings, because there’s no parking. And even the handicapped spaces, like today, are always filled and I cannot get to my office. I haven’t seen my office in months,” said Dr. Jean Stuntz, professor of history.

 These accessibility issues range from big to small here on the campus of West Texas A&M University. From not enough handicap parking to places around campus that are not scooter friendly as well as elevator issues, these are the things students and faculty must think about when going to work or to school. However, there is something that WTAMU is trying to do about these issues.

 “With the elevator issue we are very sensitive to that, and what I do personally in my office, students that are we consider high needs students just for that reason. If we have a wheelchair bound student that cannot access a building due to you know, an elevator being out, I do give students my personal contact information. We work with faculty even though a student may not be able to get to a particular class that day. Faculty will be very flexible with that individual student,” said Paul Fenstermaker, director of student disability services.”

 Issues like these arise everyday here on campus for students and faculty. But with the help of student disability services and WTAMU as a whole, these issues not only need to be fixed but addressed and brought to light.

 “I just want to say this isn’t just for me. I mean, there’s a lot of people on campus, who have accessibility issues”. Stuntz said.

 Getting the word out and bringing the accessibility issues on this campus out for people to see may or may not start to get things changed around the campus of WTAMU.

  According to WTAMU Disability Services “The purpose of the Office of Student Disability Services is to provide assistance and accommodations to students with disabilities.”

 Worries that not everyone here on the campus of WTAMU need to think about when going to work or school, some often do need to think about. Because of the lack of provisions perhaps next time you see a student or professor here on campus that may need help, a friendly helping hand can go a long way in the race we are all running in this world.