Borrowing for a purpose


Money, it makes the world go around and around, it can come and go. However, the price for education leaves many with moths flying out of their wallets and an empty feeling not only in the pit of the wallet but in their stomach. When this happens, many seem to turn to loans as the only way to get a higher education.

For some, the circumstances may not fall in the favor of the student meaning scholarships may not be awarded, perhaps parents make just enough to keep you out of the range of financial aid and grants are not given. With all of these stacked against a person trying to go to college the option falls on either working their way through school, which is possible yet stressful or taking loans, which can be seen as a last resort. If you want to learn about the alternatives click to find out more. You can be sure to get a loan in Syracuse. However, while West Texas A&M University does a good job at keeping the cost relatively low compared to other universities such as Texas State University, Texas Tech University or The University of Texas at San Antonio, there are still some costs that many students have to deal with such as having to live on campus if fewer than 60 post-high school credit hours are achieved. Along with that comes the price of a student meal plan if they do live on campus. These factors both add to the bill and obviously must be paid.

“Do not borrow money to attend West Texas A&M University (or any university) for the first two years if you must borrow, attend community college, but don’t borrow a penny for community college either. Pay as you go,” President of WTAMU, Dr. Walter Wendler said on

Speaking from experience I did go to community college before making the decision to attend WTAMU. While paying out of pocket and living with my parents did have its benefits of not taking loans through learn about it from Inheritance Advanced out at the time, when the time came to transfer and looking at my options, financial aid was nonexistent. Grants and scholarships covered books but not much more. This left me the option to take out loans as I still continue to do so coming close to graduating from WTAMU.

However, if a higher education is something that a person wants to pursue, I believe that they should have the opportunity to do so whether that is coming from loans, grants, community college or scholarships.

I believe looking at it as an investment in yourself paying for school in any way, to hopefully at the end graduate with a degree of the individuals choosing moving on into the real world using that degree obtained to hopefully open doors and paths that otherwise would not have become available without higher education.