Changes coming for New Student Orientation


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NSO making sure Buffs are prepared for the college experience

New Student Orientation can be seen as a fun time for future buffs that will be roaming the campus in the near future. For many new buffs starting college, it can be overwhelming and stressful. That is where NSO comes in with helping students familiarize themselves with campus and services that help them register for classes. However, due to COVID-19 all summer 2020 orientations will be put online with an in person session to be held in August.

“So we are moving all of our NSO’s to an alternate format. So it’s going to include an online module, they will get advice and register for classes remotely. And then there will be an in person session in August that we’re working to probably combined with Buff Branding in person will be more than social aspects of NSO. And that’ll be required in August after they move into campus,” said Amanda Lawson, assistant director of orientation.

With this change, it seems that West Texas A&M University is not letting it stop them from bringing the best NSO they can for the future buffs on this campus. While it may not be how things are usually done, perhaps this is for the best interest of the student. Still offering an in-person session in August while offering online where it seems best fit. However, online are sessions are not new to WTAMU campus.

“Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, NSO already had online components. For example, Transfer Student Orientation has been offered online and in person for a couple years now. Additionally, last summer was the first time new students had to complete an online pre-orientation model. Moving forward, we are restructuring this year’s NSO to have an online component, over the phone advising and registration, and an in-person component later in the summer or fall,” said Sami Landers, assistant director of Transfer and Family Orientation.

Perhaps with the push of online orientation this will further benefit the student making it easier to plan class schedules and such leaving for the in person segment for campus tours and Buff Branding.

“They will not get the same experience as in-person, but that doesn’t mean it will be a bad experience. In fact, this being a different experience could mean that it’s even better! The orientation team is so passionate about providing a positive experience. We are working daily to find fun, unique, innovative, and ground-breaking ways to make this experience count. Will it be different? Yes! Will it still be great? Absolutely! Also, remember there will still be an in-person component to NSO, just not the traditional 2-day summer sessions,” Landers said.

With this in mind, orientation will still be taking place and future buffs will still have all the tools needed for starting their college journey thanks to the orientation team here on campus at West Texas A&M University. For the most up to date information, please look at the WTAMU NSO FAQ page on the WTAMU website.