WTAMU student receives scholarship to study in Grenoble, France


Photo courtesy of Allyson Sadegur

Allyson Sadegur will be studying business in Grenoble, France in fall 2020.

Allyson Sadegur, a junior international business major at West Texas A&M University, has earned a scholarship from Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) to go to Grenoble, France to study business.

“This was possible through Laura Seals continuously helping me to improve my essays and reminding me of deadlines, Carolina Galloway for helping me to find a school that would match all the requirements for WTAMU and my degree program, and my teacher Jackie Marr, who encouraged me to stick through it,” Sadegur said.

Sadegur will be attending the Grenoble School of Management for a full semester while in France. The scholarship will help cover the costs of her study abroad trip in the fall through the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS).

“The scholarship means that I will be able to travel and worry less about expenses while abroad and to help get the name of West Texas A&M out there more, since I will be doing a blog for the FEA program as a recipient,” Sadegur said.
with a Minor in Management

Laura Seals, director of Nationally Competitive Scholarships, worked with Sadegur on the FEA application and one additional scholarship, the Gilman Scholarship. Carolina Galloway, director of the Office of Study Abroad, helped Sadegur find the program in France. Galloway also worked to ensure that Sadegur’s courses would transfer back to WTAMU and be on track with her degree plan.

“Allyson worked hard to prepare a strong application for the Fund for Education Abroad,” said Seals. “Her application was evaluated for presenting her plans for study abroad, how those plans fit in with her current academic work and how her future goals can be met by going abroad. She is a great candidate, and I am happy to see that she won this competitive award.”

124 applicants out of 4,000 were chosen for the highly competitive scholarship for the fall 2020 semester. However, due to worries about COVID-19, the FEA extended the scholarship to include the summer of 2021. The application process included a phone interview with the FEA and two essays in which Seals helped Sadegur edit.

In a press release sent out by WTAMU, “Living in France has been a longtime goal of Sadegur, who studied French in high school and at WT. She will take courses in global strategy, ethical dimensions of international business, entrepreneurship and, of course, French…Sadegur is the second recipient of an FEA scholarship at WT.”

Sadegur plans to finish her senior year at WTAMU. She wants to one day be a translator and founder of a translation company by drawing from her experiences in France and strengthening her language skills. Sadegur will share her experiences by keeping a blog for FEA. Stay tuned for how to follow her experiences.