Girls Night In

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  • Girls Night In took place Wednesday evening, September 16. (Left to right) Tomi Moralez, Laiken McClure, and Kelsey Leseman prepare as they anticipate the start of this event.

  • Unlike previous years, Girls Night took place through an online format. However, this did not stop students from getting involved. Over 200 attendees log on to zoom throughout the night.

  • Laiken McClure, the host and Greek consultant, starts the evening off by welcoming all of the ladies by sharing 10 helpful wellness tips. These tips are plan ahead, exercise, get your sleep, stay connected, eat more than fast food, stay hydrated, ask for help, practice good hygiene, learn to say “no” to things that don’t bring you joy, and meditate.

  • Before moving on with the evening, it’s time for prizes. Laiken shows off a spa gift set before announcing the winners.

  • McClure (not pictured) welcomes the guest speaker for the event. “Jody Holland is the author of 18 books and 30 training programs,” says McClure, “Jody helps leave a legacy.”

  • Jody Holland begins his presentation. Holland shares interesting information on the facial structure of people and what you can read from it. He explains that the aspects of the nose, eyes, forehead, and more can explain a person’s personality before getting to know them.

  • Leseman (seen at the desk) and Moralez (seen standing) work behind the scenes. These two women are supervising the chat and making sure things run smoothly.

  • Holland ends the presentation and begins to be more interactive with his lesson. Moralez removes her mask in order for Holland to analyze her facial structure and what it says about her personality.

  • Holland continues his demonstration with Leseman. After Holland explained her personality to the group, Leseman said that his desricption was “spot on”.

  • McClure closes off the evening with a final giveaway. She announced the winners of some shower bags with goodies inside, as well as a Nintendo Switch.With a big thank you to the sponsors and attendees, the event ends.

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The West Texas A&M University Office of Student Engagement and Leadership held the Girls Night In event Wednesday evening, September 16, 2020. The event was sponsored by Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health. Normally, this yearly event takes place in person as a Girls Night Out but with the concern of COVID-19, OSEL had to switch gears. Laiken McClure, host and greek consultant, Tomi Moralez, student activities consultant and Kelsey Leseman, student activities consultant worked together in order to adapt this event. Girls Night In was switched to an online format and was still a success with over 200 attendees.