Op/Ed: The Buffs are getting Vaccinated


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Covid-19 vaccine being offered at West Texas A&M University

West Texas A&M University is approved to distribute both the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. These vaccination appointments are easy to schedule and complete, speaking as a student here at WTAMU that has received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine earlier in the month of March.

My experience was a smooth one. You follow the links, fill out the paperwork and bring it to your scheduled time to the Alumni Banquet Hall located on campus. I was greeted and let inside upon showing my I.D. I went into the vaccination area, received my shot, was given my vaccination card and waited 10 minutes and then went on about my business.

It was not until the next day that I started to receive symptoms. I woke up with a fever, body chills and aches. This lasted throughout the morning and afternoon. However with medicine and hydration, all symptoms were gone around 7:00 in the evening and my life continued as normal.

It is without a doubt that even with the symptoms I received from getting my vaccination, I would do it all over again. I have seen first-hand what this virus can do to individuals and families and if us as a university and community can help slow the virus and give us a better fighting chance by getting the vaccine I see that as a win.

It is clear to me however, that a vaccination does not mean that the virus is magically gone. Proper social distancing measures, masking up and avoiding large crowds for selfish reasons such as parties or a night out on the town still need to be implemented.

In the end however, it is a choice that we as individuals get to make. I will not be telling you, the individual reading this, to go out and get the vaccine or not get the vaccine that WTAMU is offering. I am telling you that it is your choice and if you fit the eligible criteria, perhaps take a step back and re-evaluate with everything going on if it is the best decision for you.

Because I can say that while a vaccine may not fix everything it perhaps can give us a better fighting chance and I am very grateful that WTAMU has given me this opportunity to get vaccinated and move forward instead of staying stagnant.

Personally, seeing ones who you look up to and love being broken down by this virus when there was not a vaccine available at the time pass on is a hard pill to swallow. I got vaccinated not only for myself but for all the individuals who sadly died from this virus who did not get a chance to get this vaccine.


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