Buffs Go Cashless


Victoria Fatiregun

Buffalo Gold Card Office which helped to make the cash machines possible for faculty, staff, students

West Texas A&M University has added cash machines to the campus to make it easier for all Buffs to add cash into their Buffalo Gold Card accounts.

The new machines have been installed at the “main corridor of the Jack B. Kelley Student Center and at the front desk of the Virgil Henson Activities Center,” according to the press release by the Office of Communications and Marketing at WTAMU.

“It will definitely make it easier for students to put money into their accounts.” said Olivia Hill, junior english major.

Already, WTAMU has a way for faculty, students and staff to deposit into their Buffalo Gold Cards, but this is online and involves having a bank account. The new cashless option will make it easier for faculty, students and staff to deposit cash into their Buffalo Gold Card accounts.

“Some people still carry cash. People will be able to deposit cash without worry.” said Jazmyn McGuire, senior criminal justice major.

There have been many advantages of college campuses going cashless, as noted by the website coreCashless. It helps eliminate mass human errors and having to manage cash, which is easier for the Buffalo Gold Card office as well as faculty, staff and students.

Also, it allows all the operations on campus to be easier to manage if everything is occurring on one card.

A cashless campus ensures that students can insert cash into the machines, which will ensure safety, as well as bring convenience to the WTAMU college campus.

The convenience to students, faculty and staff will be helpful in allowing people to use university resources without worrying about having banking accounts and credit accounts. It will allow for all Buffs to use resources, and no one will be excluded.

According to the balance, it makes payments a lot easier. A cashless campus is a more convenient campus for everyone. It will also be good, because it will allow all Buffs to be able to easily pay for all the resources the WTAMU campus has to offer.

The location of the machines are also convenient for faculty, students and staff because many students pass through the JBK food court and the A.C.

The press release quoted Vice President for Business and Finance Randy Rikel, who discussed the cashless model making it easier for students to deposit cash, and the Education Credit Union at Buff Smart was also referred to.

The Education Credit Union at WTAMU was discussed by Rikel as providing answers to the benefits of the cash machines.

A cashless campus is useful as is proven by Rikel and the Education Credit Union, so all students can enjoy the campus resources.

The Buffalo Gold Card website has information on how to deposit into accounts for faculty, staff, parents and students. The site is useful for navigating how to use the Buffalo Gold Card accounts and for updating all Buffs on information regarding Buffalo Gold Cards.