WT Dining Services launches new mobile app

Students of West Texas A&M University now have a more convenient means of getting food from the food court at the Jack B. Kelley Student Center. In a press release sent out on March 24, the university community was informed of a new mobile app launched by WT Dining Services through the parent company, Aramark.

The mobile app, Transact Mobile, can be used by students, faculty and staff and campus visitors. All menu options are available for ordering and customizing from the campus outlets of Chick-fil-A, Pony Express Burritos and Which Wich. The app is a means of cutting down on long wait times and a minimal number of steps are required to make an order.

“We are excited to add mobile ordering on campus to better serve our customers,” said Michael Ives, food service director for WT Dining Services. “This new feature will not only serve the students on campus, but all faculty, staff and the Canyon community.”

Payment for orders can be made with various options, including Dining Dollars, BuffCASH, credit and debit. For visitors who do not have Buff ID numbers, card information can be added on their Transact Mobile account to be used as a means of payment.

“I heard about the app through the email they sent out to all the student emails,” said Sarah Olsen, a junior theatre education major. “I haven’t used it yet but I am interested because it’s going to save time with lines, which will be great. The JBK is usually very busy, so it will be nice to cut out the lines a little bit.”

Jake Cannon is the student body vice president and a junior pre-veterinary medicine major. Cannon shared his experience with using the app.

“I have used the mobile ordering app a couple of times and I think, for one, it cuts down on the wait times, especially during rush hour for students who have back-to-back classes,” Cannon said. “Still having hot food is one benefit for students that use the mobile ordering app.”

Bethany Mueller is a senior music technology major. Mueller did not know about the app, but is excited to save long wait times by trying it out.

“I didn’t know about the ordering app beforehand and I think it is really cool,” Mueller said. “Now that I know about it, it is going to save me a lot of time whenever I want to get food ahead of time. I just have to pick it up and it’s ready for me.”

The Transact Mobile App can be downloaded on the Apple App Store, as well as the Google Play Store.