Students’ thoughts about a Canyon Whataburger


Marcus Rogers

Whataburger’s iconic table tents, number 22, sits in the Prairie Newsroom.

Several social media graphics and rumors around town say that a Whataburger is coming to Canyon. The claims state that Whataburger is moving into the space on 23rd ave. at the location of the now-closed Donut Stop.

Brick and Elm, a reputable magazine in Amarillo, posted a graphic on their social media claiming that Whataburger is coming to Canyon. This is not entirely accurate.

“…We have no specific plans to share on Canyon right now,” said Casey Keane, Whataburger Corporate Field Marketing Coordinator West Texas, to 101.9 The Bull.

Answers provided to a fellow news station do not deny the claims; However, the claims do not confirm the information. Knowing if Whataburger will be accessible to WT Students within walking distance will only be revealed over time.

“If or when Whataburger enters a new area, the official announcement will come from Whataburger…,” Keane said.

What is your opinion about Whataburger, potentially, coming to Canyon?

Many students have heard about the rumors and are excited not to drive to Amarillo. With multiple parties being thrown by groups on campus and intoxicated college students, there’s sure to be plenty of business at the 24-hour fast-food restaurant.

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