Koelle Brandenberger pursues passion on AgTexas internship


Koelle Brandenberger standing on a tracker.

Koelle Brandenberger, a junior agricultural business and economics major, did an internship with AgTexas Farm Credit Services. During the internship she looked at the diverse range of occupations AgTexas offered.

During the internship, Brandenberger traveled to different offices, which she found exciting because she could see how each part of the business worked.

“I grew up in the ag industry, but it was mostly ranching,” Brandenberger said. “So I was really excited to learn more about the farming aspect of it. (It) was really cool to walk and watch how milk (is) processed. That was kind of my favorite part.”

The internship was beneficial for Brandenberger because she was able to see how college students are able to learn and build on their college experiences.

“A lot of their employees were interns once upon a time,” Brandenberger said. “I think that speaks highly of the intern program.”

Brandenberger also spoke about her expectations for post-graduate employment and the process of obtaining the job she desires in the future.

“That would probably be more of a credit lender position, and you have to be a credit officer before you can reach the lender position,” Brandenberger said. “I want to be the one reaching out to the customers, which is what a lender does. But I would like to work with marketing. We did get to see (AgTexas)’ marketing department.”

Brandenberger also spoke of the importance of internships for college students and how the experience benefited her.

“To see some of those things that I was learning in the classroom actually be applied was very helpful,” Brandenberger said. “If you didn’t have that knowledge, it would have been a little more difficult to understand.”

Brandberger also gave some tips and tricks to West Texas A&M University students and ag students that want to obtain internships.

“I found out about the internship online,” Brandenberger said. “Handshake is a great source. I also think having good relationships with your faculty ‘is important.’ I was active throughout college and high school, which is definitely important. For future jobs, they kind of look at what you’re involved in and that kind of shows your work ethic.”

If you would like to look for an internship, look into Handshake and start searching for one. You can also contact the Office of Career and Professional Development at WT for more internship assistance.