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Behind the major with Michael Geeker: building a company from the ground up

Michael Geeker.

Michael Geeker is a sophomore working toward a bachelor of business administration while majoring in management, entrepreneurship and small business management with an emphasis in small business management at West Texas A&M University. Geeker is from Houston and truly enjoys the actions that he is doing to become successful in his degree.

Geeker’s passion for pursuing a small business management degree began with his love for thrifting.

“So, during last year, I started wearing more designer clothes, and I started being more into fashion,” Geeker said. “So, once I found out that thrifting was pretty fun, I knew I wanted to get more into it. It’s not easy, but I just go to thrift stores and find stuff that I like or know would be liked by others. I sell them to my friends, most of my teammates, classmates and now random people.”

Geeker’s ideal dream career is to own and operate a t-shirt business.

“My favorite thing about thrifting is after a while of not finding anything, just finding a really good and sellable piece of clothing is always a good feeling,” Geeker said. “Then selling it to a customer and then them being happy or like seeing them wear it.”

Since Geeker makes a considerable profit from thrifting, he tries to go a few days a week throughout the school year.

“Yeah, I’d like to try to go every day,” Geeker said. “I mean, I’m always looking for stuff, but it’s hard to go thrifting in Amarillo because of driving and gas prices. When I’m at home in Houston, I definitely go four or five times a week.”

Earning a degree in business helps Geeker understand and gain knowledge on how to work towards owning and operating a business, along with taking various classes to provide him with a more well-rounded academic experience.

“My favorite thing about being a business major is probably like the classes that I get to take and like the teachers,” Geeker said. “Some of the teachers make it pretty fun. Like, I took a conflict resolution negotiation class last year. In that class, I got to basically argue, which was kind of fun getting to just debate.”

Geeker came to WT after being recruited as an offensive lineman for the football team.

“I came because of football,” Geeker said. “They recruited me, and I felt like WT is a pretty good school. They have a nice stadium, so I decided to commit.”

Since coming to WT, Geeker has been given several opportunities, but the most influential has been the connections that he has had a chance to form.

“I’ve been able to make connections with outside sources,” Geeker said. “Like, there was a guy that I got to meet in a class. He basically owns a bunch of trucking companies and became a multimillionaire. I told him that I thrift, that it can get hard, and I didn’t really think I was in the right demographic, but he told me to keep pushing and give me advice that helped me a lot to keep trying.”

Geeker’s favorite part of WT has been the relationships that he’s made, along with being part of the football team and the social life on campus. However, similar to other students, Geeker balances a hefty workload between academics, being a student-athlete and enjoying his personal life.

“It’s hard being a student-athlete,” Geeker said. “I have to be in tune with everything; like, if I miss a day or take a day off, I’ll know it for sure.”

Aside from academics, Geeker stays considerably busy with football’s demand and thrifting. He also enjoys playing video games, hanging out with his girlfriend, Natalie Johnson, and spending time with his friends.

Geeker believes you should always do what you want to do despite other’s opinions.

“F— what everybody has to say and just do what you want to do,” Geeker said. “Keep pushing like don’t let nobody stop you.”
To learn more about Geeker’s thrifting business, his business is on Instagram @ripptaggs.


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