Cyber Crime threatens privacy of Internet users

Jes Roskens

The Internet has revolutionized society, yet it has brought about the danger of cyber crime.

“We take precautions, but all data on the Internet is vulnerable,” Lane Greene, security analyst for WTAMU, said.

Hackers, identity thieves, and spammers are making news for stealing people’s personal or financial information. From the average blue-collar American to the CEO of Goldman Sachs, anyone is susceptible to cyber crime.According to WT computer science instructor H. Paul Haiduk, many of these criminals have at least a bachelor’s degree worth of knowledge in computer science, and they are serious about software systems. This knowledge base gives these criminals an advantage, Haiduk said, because like most science-related fields, computer science suffers from lack of numbers.

“The demand exceeds the supply,” Haiduk said, referring to the number of computer software engineers that would combat the hackers.

The best way to beat a hacker is to think like a hacker, one local expert said.

“We look at our network from the outside in and the inside out,” said this area network protector, whose employer requested that he and their operation not be identified. “We look at the circumstances of other companies who have been hacked and make sure we don’t have those vulnerabilities.” Here you can find out how to safeguard your infrastructure.

For the average person concerned over their security, Haiduk and Greene said it is not being hacked they should worry about, but what information is shared on social media and other sites.

“When you operate a computer, you need to stop being oblivious,” Haiduk said.

Even the smallest and most innocent post or lapse in judgment can lead to someone’s information being stolen or abused. How does one prevent becoming an unknowing victim? Greene’s advice is to remain vigilant when on the Internet.

“Change passwords, don’t open attachments in emails you’re not sure of, and watch what links you click on,” Greene said. “You have to stay on guard.”


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