Hellogoodbye performs for WTAMU Homecoming

Singer Forrest Kline performs at Homecoming. Photo by Alex Montoya.

Singer Forrest Kline performs at Homecoming. Photo by Alex Montoya.

On Oct. 7, Hellogoodbye performed at the Virgil Henson Activity Center as part of WTAMU’s homecoming events.

Hellogoodbye played many of their songs from their new album, called “Would It Kill You?” and ended with “Touchdown Turnaround (Don’t Give Up on Me)” from their debut album.

“We’ve never really been here long enough to stay, but we have passed by Amarillo,” vocalist and singer Forrest Kline said.Drummer Michael Garzon said he likes to play songs that are a challenge while keyboardist and guitarist Joseph Marro likes to play “Getting Old” because it has whimsical vibe. Kline said overall the band prefers to play the newest songs.

“We like to play the newest because we like to figure out how it sounds,” said Kline. “We like to play what’s the freshest.”

He said many starting bands tend to over think it, but he suggests starting where they know and just build from there.

“A lot people just want to be a band because of what band gets, like playing shows or what they think you might get, like you get a whole lot of money, but they really don’t really care about what it takes to get there,” Marro said. “I would say to focus on writing music before anything else because image is far less important than bands think it is.”

Garzon also advised aspiring musicians to be less obnoxious because people will like you in the long run.