SGC raises funds for UNICEF

Flyer courtesy of the SGE Collegiatelink site.

Flyer courtesy of the SGE Collegiatelink site.

Students for Global Connections will have a booth in the JBK to raise awareness and funds for UNICEF Tap Project March 19-25.

President Olivia Trabysh said they will be recruiting restaurants such as the Big Texan, Sakura, Macaroni Joe’s and El Patio in Canyon and many more.

“Students will have to go to restaurants that we are recruiting and order a glass of water,” said Trabysh. “The restaurants will then proceed to donate either water or money.”

This is the first time Student for Global Connections is helping out UNICEF and it is the first group in the Panhandle to be associated with the organization.“Vietnam and Cameroon will revive money for water,” said Trabysh. “The panhandle is very sheltered so this is a way to raise awareness and help out.”

Trabysh said UNICEF is the main premise of the event and they plan to do this project next year as well.

“We also are planning to do other projects UNICEF has every few months,” she said. “And we will definitely try to do the big projects.”

History major Tori Trela is part of Students for Global Connections and said something as little as a dollar can help the cause.

“We as Americans have concerns about health because we can do something about curing diseases,” said Trela. “But these countries can’t and something as clean water can be beneficial to them.”

Trela added that she will speak to her friend who owns a restaurant to see if they would want to help out and what other restaurants could help as well.

“It’s a great opportunity to help out if you’re in one of the restaurants,” said Trela. “It’s a simple idea yet monumental.”

Web Editor’s Note: Text “TAP” to (806) 864-233 and make a one-time donation of $10 or visit one of the many restaurants that will be listed when the organization’s table is set up in the JBK.