Students speak out about campus construction

Taylor Hurst

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The Prairie.

The Prairie.

WTAMU has seen many changes, especially throughout this year. With all of the changes and additions, the construction sites have impacted the students.

“The biggest impact campus construction has had on me is the loss of parking due to construction sites and work zones,” said Estevan Garcia, a senior Agriculture Education major. “Overall I like the new improvements and believe they are necessary for the expected expansion of the University.”

A new dorm, JBK facelift and road construction are all busy sites seen around campus. The WT campus is growing and with that comes work zones. Some students deal with these changes everyday while others might not be impacted at all.

“Campus construction really hasn’t had an effect on me,” said freshman Agriculture Education major Lane Baker. “I think the new features are awesome and I can’t wait for Founders Hall to open.”

With the expected and current growth in numbers, the University has to keep up by making these changes and adding to the campus.

“The construction on campus with the building of Founders Hall and the JBK has not really had an impact on me,” said Kaitlyn Schaffner, a senior Social Work major. “All of my classes are located in the Chase building in Amarillo, so I do not experience any downfalls. However, I do work on campus and Founders Hall has taken up some of the parking that once was available.”

All of these construction steps are being done in hopes of improving the campus and providing students with the best opportunities and resources possible.

“The new renovations are giving students an amazing college experience,” said Schaffner. “Since I work in the office of Residential Living, I am able to see the changes of the halls and the new opportunities that will be available to students. WT is growing in a remarkable way, and it is awesome to see how everything is unfolding.”

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Students speak out about campus construction