Identity Thief takes either your heart or money

Connor Woods

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Entertainment Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

Entertainment Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

This weekend alone the hit movie Identity thief raked in 23,437,000 dollars. The movie is now number two falling behind A Good Day To Die Hard.

However the movie is still ranked number one in my book, and in the hearts of many.

The hit comedy features Jason Bateman and the sensational Melissa McCarthy in a spectacular performance, much of which was actually ad-libbed on set.

The movie takes us on an adventure with business man Sandy Patterson, played by Jason Bateman, as he confronts the woman who stole his identity. We don’t find out the real name of Melissa McCarthy’s character until the end; however it doesn’t seem to matter because McCarthy’s character is so distinct.

The hit movie takes an audience through many situations that keeps you laughing and even almost pulls your emotions when McCarthy’s character opens up. However it quickly turns into another moment that has the audience laughing to tears.

Although I enjoyed the movie, I have discovered that most people enjoy the movie but the division comes within the plot. An audience member will either like or dislike the twist that occurs within the plot.

One movie goer and WT student Jasmine Suino not only enjoyed the plot and comedy she enjoyed the McCarthy’s character as she developed.

“It was lighthearted, and as the main antagonist developed you saw her open up. She became a better person once she experienced the virtues of true family and the rewards of living as a better person,” Said Suino.

However many opinions did not favor the plot, including the opinion of movie goer Dalton Johnson.

“I thought the theme of the story was good; however I felt like the story line lacked in creativity. I did not think it was well thought out, because the protagonist turned the antagonist good, a plot that is seen in too many movies to count, “Said Johnson

I recommend the movie to all, however I do take into account the mixed views on the plot, for this reason I give Identity thief a strong 7out of 10.

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Identity Thief takes either your heart or money