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The Prairie Opinion. Art by Chris Brockman.

The Prairie Opinion. Art by Chris Brockman.

Welcome to Canyon, America.

Freshmen, you’ll be hearing that a lot when you first come across the hometown of West Texas A&M University. Despite its small town feel, Canyon and the larger, neighboring city of Amarillo offer plenty of restaurants, entertainment, and activities for you that are affordable to the typical college student. So let The Prairie be your friendly guide, as we aid your efforts to becoming familiar with WT and the surrounding areas.

Even though the Caf is open, perhaps you would want to expand your boundaries a little bit during lunch hour. While national chains such as Chick-Fil-A and Quizno’s are present in the JBK, there is also The Sushi Company, Home Zone (which sells a package of various comfort food), and Grille Works (a burger joint which makes turkey burgers and other assorted grilled items). One can purchase these meals and bottled, canned, or fountain drinks with their Buff Gold Card, a credit/debit card, or cash.

“Pippa’s (in the Cornette Library) is my go to place,” said math instructor Don Clewett, “For shameless self-plugging purposes, of course.”

However, there is a lot more than just the JBK. Canyon caters well to one’s pizza runs and midnight snacking with Domino’s, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s for example, right off of 23rd Street. Should you want more so local flare, there is LaBella’s Pizza, Feldman’s Wrong Way Diner, Fat Boys, Pepito’s Mexican Restaurante, Asian Garden, Sayakomarn Restaurant, Rock N Roll Soda Shoppe, The Palace Coffee Company and many other establishments.

“I would go to Sonic because of its happy hour. Their junior burgers and fries are really good,” said Emily Jones, a sophomore with a major in Agriculture Business and Economics.

As for entertainment, Canyon and Amarillo have many things to experience and enjoy.

“I go to Hollywood 16 Theater off of the Canyon E-Way quite frequently,” said senior Ed Packineau, a major in secondary education, “I’m a fan of comics and games as well, so I usually hang out at Table’s Edge off of Georgia Street and 45th Street (in Amarillo).”

Other than going to the movie theatres such as Canyon’s Varsity Theatre, Hollywood 16, and UA Amarillo Star 14, there are places to enjoy live music and dancing. There is the historic Golden Light Café off of 6th Street in Amarillo, known for its live music and the Midnight Rodeo off of 45th and Georgia for better-known musical acts and dancing.


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