SMS encouraging flu shot for all

Laci McGee

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Flu info graphic by Chris Brockman. Info source:

Flu info graphic by Chris Brockman. Info source:

Flu season has arrived and, according to the Centers for Disease Control, it’s not going away any time soon as the flu makes its peak during the months of January and February.

According to Luanne Rickwartz, medical director of Student Medical Services at WTAMU, the best way to treat flu symptoms is to take Tylenol or Advil, drink lots of fluids and get plenty of bed rest. There are antiviral medications, but the flu must be caught in the early stages for these medications to be effective and, they are expensive.

Student Medical Services recommended that everyone get a flu shot this year. Some students, however, advise against the shot as the vaccine may not stop someone from getting the flu altogether, but only prevent them from getting sick longer.

“[The vaccine] is totally not worth it,” Mattie McAlavy, junior English major, said.
Other students, such as senior English major Luke Dyer don’t bother getting flu shots because they say there is no actual risk of getting the flu at all.

“The supply is limited and healthy adults are not at high risks,” he said.

According to Rickwartz, a healthy life style is the best way not to get sick. Washing your hands often, a good diet, vitamins and staying hydrated are all helpful ways people can stay healthy during the flu season. Rickwartz also said that if there are sick people in the home, make sure to wash all dishes well to kill any viruses on the surface. If you do get sick, see a doctor right away.

Students who are interested in getting a flu shot can stop by Student Medical Services and receive one for $15. If a student wants a flu vaccine but cannot afford it, Student Medical Services will allow the shot to be paid for in increments.

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SMS encouraging flu shot for all