Surviving The Month of April in College

Surviving The Month of April in College

Aileen Taylor, Reporter

April. This is one of the scariest times in any college students life. April is the month that laughs in your face as you look at all of the deadlines looming in your planner. All semester long you’ve been telling yourself things like,

“Oh I’ve got time.” or “That isn’t due until the end of April.”

But wait. April is here.

Now there’s no need to panic. You still have four weeks to make up for all the procrastinating you’ve been doing this semester.You only have those  three major projects, studying for finals, and a mental breakdown to go before you are free for the summer! With some organization and some stress relieving exercises, you can do this. The light is at the end of the tunnel, so don’t give up hope!

internal panic attack

First, take some deep breaths. This is going to be important because you need to clear your head in order to stay sane. Next, I would say go and prioritize your assignments. What is due first and what should you go ahead and prepare for. If you set aside a little time every night, then it will become easier to tackle these projects, and it will be less overwhelming in the long run.

Take your homework outside! The weather has been pretty nice, so go out by the fountain or to Terril Lawn to hit the books. The fresh air is nice and can help refresh and awaken your mind to help you get more done.

Another stress relieving tip would be to take time to relax. Now I don’t mean relax until 10:00 the night your homework is due. I mean take a day and go out to the Canyon with your friends or go to the park and feed the ducks. Take some time to de-stress because if you try to cram in too much too fast, that can lead to becoming overwhelmed and eating your feelings.


No. Don’t do that. It’s gonna be okay, I promise. Just pace yourself and start now instead of waiting, and you will get out of April with your sanity intact. We are almost at the end fellow Buffs. We can do this!

you got it dude

Then we just have to get through finals…

panic ron