Pizza: The love of a college student’s life

Editorial Board

Pizza. Some people like it, others hate it, but for college students, it is a prayer answered in times of need. The love for pizza is not an exaggeration. It is almost a staple of a college student’s diet due to it being one of the most convenient types of food out there.

No matter if it is frozen pizza, dining hall pizza, or from some of the pizzerias such as Domino’s, students enjoy it and they will be forever grateful to those who bring it to them. Pizza, in a way, is very akin to college students because it comes in several different sizes, shapes and types.

Students never discriminate when it comes to pizza. Journalism students keep this item as a major part of their diet. Without this amazing delicacy, there would be no political debates, no extended meetings, or even late night reporting. Pizza is what brings students together. It’s what fills them up when they were broke. It is what almost every free event at a college or university offers as a meal. It is also good hot and cold, so leftovers is also a possibility.

A study done by USDA showed that 13 percent of Americans eat pizza with the 20-39 demographic being at roughly 15 percent. Pizza has not only proven that it is a staple of a college student’s diet, but also a staple of the general public.

No matter what goes on a pizza, there is a combination for everyone. Whether it be a meat lover’s pizza, a vegetarian pizza, a supreme pizza, or even a pizza with extra, extra, extra cheese, it exists. People have variety and they always have a choice no matter their taste or preferences.

Pizza is one of the little things in life that students come to love over time. It becomes associated with so many things and is part of many memories that are made. It becomes something that is truly appreciated. That and an open parking spot.