Students prepare for homecoming with “Paint My Ride”


Natalia Molina, Photographer

In “Paint My Ride,” West Texas A&M University students and staff prepared for the week’s homecoming celebration by having their car windows decorated to promote school spirit and student organizations.

Garrett Robinson, Greek consultant from the Student Engagement and Leadership Office, was in charge of planning and executing the event.

“I hope students are involved with this event so it will bring more school spirit for homecoming week and for future events,” Robinson said. “By students having more school spirit, it will influence others, and it will spread awareness on campus.”

Senior Kristin Lien Le, advertising and public relations major, said she feels that Paint My Ride is a “fun way to show school spirit” and her love for WT.

“Last year, we did it a little differently, and while we had some success, it seemed that we needed to make it easier for people to participate, so this year we are doing it as a drive through in Victory Circle,” said Mike Knox, vice president for student affairs.

This event is focused on promoting school spirit for homecoming week, and a more visible way to do it and make people aware of it is through advertisement on cars.

“We just thought that cars provide an opportunity to take those reminders into the communities,” Knox said. “As faculty, staff and commuters, students go about their lives all week; we take the WT Homecoming spirit out with them.”

Different organizations on campus participate and come help paint the cars with WT spirit, and students and staff bring their cars to get painted.

“I wanted to take the opportunity to show my school spirit through my vehicle because if you don’t paint your vehicle for the school, do you really love WT?” John Greenwood, senior management major, said.

Besides creating awareness on campus, this event gives organizations homecoming points for the chance to win the Spirit Stick.

“It is an opportunity for students to earn homecoming points, spread school spirit, volunteer, promote their organizations, and have fun,” said Associate Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Eloisa Reyna.

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