Take a Moment to Breathe During Finals Week


The Prairie Editorial Staff


Yes, you. You, the one with the third cup of coffee, the endless assignments, and with the weight of your to-do list weighing you down like an anvil.


You are okay. You are loved. This, too, shall pass.

As the campus approaches finals week, it can be difficult to remember why the stress and work is worth it. Will that English essay impact the rest of your life? Will passing the exam in microbiology change the world?

Maybe—but probably not. This does not constitute an excuse not to care. It means to remember the importance of balance. Give effort in your classes, go to the professor’s office hours, and for goodness’ sake, please don’t be “that guy” when it comes to group projects. However, also make the time for final memories with friends before summer hits. Take the mental rest you need, and know that no matter your grade, the sun will rise tomorrow. Life is full of second chances and redemption.

Don’t limit your potential by refusing to study for the grade you can achieve, but don’t let a grade define you, either. Your future is worth the effort, and you are worth more than your grades.

The next couple of weeks are likely going to be tough, but let’s remember to notice the joy that comes our way in these final weeks. Many close friends will soon part ways for the summer, so let’s make every moment count in the time we have left. Remember all the blessings for which you are thankful, and take the time to be a blessing to others.

Breathe in.

Breathe out. It can be a really good life – if you let it.