Review on “A Star is Born”

Savannah Wesley, Former Editor-in-Chief

Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut moves audiences with his rendition of “A Star is Born” featuring himself and popular musician Lady Gaga.

‘Marvelously unexpected’ is a way to describe the film with stunning chemistry between Cooper and Lady Gaga, Cooper’s debut being a huge success and Gaga’s more reserved image. The lovers Cooper and Gaga portray and the struggles they face are felt intensely by the audience. They show the audience the hardships that any couple faces with the added hassle of living as entertainers who are on different levels of success.

Many viewers did not recognize the musician when the trailer first premiered and were surprised to see such a toned down appearance. Gaga is known for her wild and over-the-top looks so this movie gives the audience a chance to experience Gaga without her show persona.

With “A Star is Born” grossing over $254 million world-wide within it’s first month in theaters, it is clear the success of the film and how well it has touched audiences. The film earned a rating of 90 percent from Rotten Tomatoes, 8.3 out of 10 from IMDb and 4.9 out of 5 from Facebook users.

The movie also confronts age-old issues involving love, addiction and mental health within the entertainment industry. The movie gives a more personal insight into the world of show business, albeit from a theatrical standpoint, and the issues that come with it. What used to be taboo to speak about in public is put in the spotlight for audiences to see and experience vicariously.

College students are left in a balance between learning and knowing how to endure hardships they may face in life. Many students are uninformed on how to withstand personal burdens due to the lack of conversation in media. The relationship between Gaga and Cooper’s characters helps illuminate these issues and encourages conversation, so that people may find ways to cope together. 

Bradley Cooper out does himself in this beautiful and heart-wrenching rendition of “A Star is Born”. Movie-goers, bring your tissues and get ready to download the soundtrack as soon as you leave the theatres. You’re going to love this one.